An introduction to yet another design blogger.

An introduction to yet another design blog.


I don’t think I’ve ever subscribed to a blog without the sole purpose of just trying to get a downloadable freebie (Sorry, no freebie today). But what better way to get to know someone and go in to more detail around their process or career without ever getting to meet them? Maybe think of this as reading my diary, it won’t be starting with any “dear diary” moments but they will give you an insight into stuff like my web and graphics design process, juicy bits of information I’ve picked up along the way and certain lessons and ideas I’ve been thinking about.

Don’t worry, I’m not leading up to selling you a book or a £3,000 video course… (That comes later). I’m letting you know what you’ll have in store when you accidentally open one of these posts after trying to open a meme your friend tagged you in and tapping this instead.


Who cares?

I wasn’t even sure if I should start one, because most of the time they’re super cheesy or just end up being generic. But after a while I realised blogging is best when you shift out of a mind-set of writing for other people and into just scratching your own itch.

It might be the one I had in college, bored out of my mind and daydreaming about starting my own career in business, a blog that he would have wanted to read about the person doing just that. Or it might be the itch from when you wish you could have known more about goes in to the web or graphics design process and how to get the most out of it (which is a very specific itch).


Some exposition.

In the unlikely chance you’re still reading at this point, here’s a bit of back story in to what where I’m at right now. I was bored in college, most the work that I had to do involved googling something, copying and pasting it then rewriting to make it look like I hadn’t just stolen it from Wikipedia. At that point, my attention was swinging more towards starting an alternative career in design and creative pursuits in general and ended up taking the dive and started doing and learning as much as I could.

When college finished, me and a friend who also had a more entrepreneurial mind-set, started our own design agency. We got our own office, desks, computers, the whole 10 yards. We came up with a name, Diony Creative, (find out why it’s called that here) and we were off to the races. It was an experience not many 18 year olds get to have and was one I’m glad I took. It threw us in the deep end but at the same time if the business were to ever go sideways, we didn’t have a family to support, no bills, no loans because we did everything out of our own pocket, we could go all out on risk.

After quite some time, we were growing super quickly and found the agency needed to expand for us to support the work we were getting. It made me realise that I wasn’t quite ready to give up being a hands-on designer yet and wanted to develop my craft more as opposed to stepping in to more of a managerial role. So, I stepped down as creative director, sold my shares and set out to pursue my own solo career in design and then eventually other creative projects (Still doing work for Diony here and there).

So it begins.

So, I’ve built a site, come up with an uninventive name and logo and started off with publishing this blog post along with the new website. It’s a pretty exciting fresh start for me so I’ll be sharing the journey and keeping all three of you and the spam bots that will ever read this updated.

Anyone doing something similar? Leave a comment and let me know.


  1. Claire Turner

    Sad about the no freebie thing, but love the idea of reading your diary 🙂

    Your fresh start story is inspiring to me. I’m actually at the other end of this… I’m about to take a few months off web design work because I have totally burned myself out and need to step away so that I can figure out whether I want to continue on this path or switch to something else.

    Looking forward to seeing where you go!

    • Nathan

      Maybe the next blog will have a freebie!😉

      I think those times are important to take time off, it can almost become a song that you’ve listened to on repeat too many times and you fall out of love with it until you give it a big gap in time before you listen again. If you’re leaving the gold rush, maybe you should start selling pick axes to the miners? Free value stuff like freebies, tools and tips, then near to free value like books or skillshare classes and then finally some public speaking!

      Hope your time off goes well,


  2. Inge

    I read your blog all the way through 😉 Yeah, I’m doing something similar, and I would love someone to submit the first comment to one of my blogs 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    • Nathan

      To be completely honest this is the first time a real person has actually commented on a blog post I’ve written haha! Thanks for taking the time to read it, it’s super appreciated. I’m heading over to your site now to check out yours now!


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